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Dr. Jentschura's Vitality Kit "Uplift Health and Beauty"

Dr. Jentschura's Vitality Uplift Health and Beauty Kit
"Health By Purification" by Dr.P.Jentschura: Best-selling book
330g WurzelKraft, omni-molecular and organic life food, made from 100 plants
500g MorgenStund, Alkaline Breakfast porridge, 14 portions
50 bags 7x7 AlkaHerb, Cleansing Tea
750g AlkaBath, 15 full or 100 footbath/AlkalineStockings
AlkaStockings , Detoxification overnight
BathBrush , Premium natural brush with light colored Chungking bristles

3 free AlkaBath 75g
$262.65 CAD
$262.65 USD

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