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The Truth About Dietary Supplements
We all have a busy life style and like to care for our body as much as we can.

Dietary supplements seem to be a smart and quick way to ingest lots of minerals, vitamins and vital substances and Canadians spent billions of $ for their multi vitamins and other supplements. I am relating to dietary supplements which are made out of chemically or synthetically generated substances. But also some "Greens" which consist added chemically/synthetically generated vitamins and minerals.

There is no scientific proof that any of these supplements do have any benefits rather as new studies proof they have negative, even deadly side effects. This article by Dr.Robert Thiel gives you detailled informations on "The Truth about Vitamins"

Abstract: Even though natural health professionals agree that humans should not try to consume petroleum derivatives or hydrogenated sugars, most seem to overlook this fact when vitamin supplementation is involved. This paper explains some of the biochemical reasons that food vitamins are superior for humans. It also explains what substances are commonly used to make vitamins in supplements. Furthermore, it explains some of the advantages of food vitamins over the non-food vitamins that are commonly available.

Please click on this link for the article in the Doctor's Research

Dr. Jentschura is official supplier and consultant
for the Austrian Olympic Ski Team.

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